Iran Protests: OONI data confirms censorship events

At this point, you have probably read all about the major anti-government protests that erupted across Iran over the last week. You may have even read about how services like Telegram and Instagram were blocked, reportedly as part of a government attempt to stifle the unrest.We publish this post to share OONI network measurement data collected from Iran between 28th […]

OONI at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34C3)

The OONI team attended the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34C3): Europe’s largest hacker conference on technology, society, and utopia. We hosted an assembly (called the OONI-verse), and our project lead (Arturo Filasto) presented OONI.Learn more here.Publication date: 23rd December 2017Publisher: Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI)