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Tor at the Heart: Security in-a-Box

More than ten years ago, Tactical Tech and Front Line Defenders started providing digital security trainings for human rights defenders at risk around the world. Soon thereafter, they created Security in-a-Box to supplement those trainings and to support self-learning and peer-education among those defenders.Security in-a-Box offers general advice and practical walkthroughs designed to help its …

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Why we still recommend Signal over WhatsApp… even though they both use end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp’s collaboration with Open Whisper Systems recently brought end-to-end encryption to the lives of a billion people around the world. (Open Whisper Systems develops Signal, an open source mobile messaging and VoIP app.) When WhatsApp integrated the encryption protocol developed for Signal, many of us began using end-to-end encryption without even realizing it.Undoubtedly, this is …

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Let’s Encrypt: Moving Towards an Encrypted Web

Do you own a website? If so, as of today Let’s Encrypt, a new non-profit certificate authority (CA), entered Public Beta and allows you to add HTTPS to your website for free and more easily than ever before.Read more here.Publisher: Tactical Technology CollectivePublication Date: 3rd December 2015

TrueCrypt’s Security Flaws: What Now?

In recent weeks, critical security flaws have been reported in TrueCrypt, the open source software for file and disk encryption. As a result, Tactical Tech is reviewing its advice and now recommends users to consider other tools for secure file storage.Read this blog here.Publisher: Tactical Technology CollectivePublication date: 8th October 2015