Category: Online Tracking

The Illusion of User Choice

CEOs like Alphabet’s Larry Page and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have repeatedly claimed that users have choice. That we choose which information to share, and therefore control our data.This narrative is misleading, and here’s why.Privacy settings Privacy settings only cover a small portion of our data. They allow us to explicitly choose “yes” or “no” in …

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Tactical Tech’s New Tool Helps You Watch the Watchers

Tactical Tech is working to explore and visualise the data industry through Trackography, a new open source tool that reveals which third parties track us and where our data travels to when we access media websites.Read this blog here to find out more!Publisher: Global Voices AdvocacyPublication date: 30th March 2015

Meet the Trackers: This is how they claim to handle our data

Whether we realise it or not, most of our online activity is part of a big business. The data industry makes billions of dollars from collecting data on who we are and what we are interested in by tracking the websites we access every day and the types of news we read online. But who …

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Trackography: You never read alone

Learn about this project here and play with its map here.Publisher: Tactical Technology CollectiveLaunch date: 29th December 2014