The Illusion of User Choice

CEOs like Alphabet’s Larry Page and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have repeatedly claimed that users have choice. That we choose which information to share, and therefore control our data.This narrative is misleading, and here’s why.Privacy settings Privacy settings only cover a small portion of our data. They allow us to explicitly choose “yes” or “no” in […]

Nothing to Hide? Asking the Wrong Question!

It’s been two years since Snowden started leaking thousands of confidential NSA documents which illustrate and prove that the communications of almost all citizens around the world are under surveillance through a “collect-it-all” strategy. Yet, instead of questioning the legal and ethical dimensions of spying on the private communications of millions of citizens around the […]

Nothing to Hide? Almost Nothing to Control

When confronted with questions around corporate and government surveillance, many argue that they have “nothing to hide”. However, this implies that individuals have sole control over their own data, which might not always be the case due to the business model and the infrastructure of the internet.Read this blog here.Publisher: Tactical Technology CollectivePublication date: 2nd […]

Why I refrained from joining Twitter all these years…but joined in the end nonetheless

It’s 2015, I’m a twenty-something-year-old and somehow, I’ve never had an account on any social networking sites…until now. Did I live in a cave all these years?Like other privacy activists, many considered me paranoid for years – and in some ways, perhaps rightfully so. After all, unlike my peers, I never had a Facebook account. […]